Finding the courage to change only comes by being vulnerable


Strengthen the mind and body through exercise


mental and physical

BODY – choose your ideal physical workout. Boxing, strength, cardio, resistance bands, stretching.
MIND – Face your fears and do something for yourself. Push past the turbulence of life and find some balance. Reach towards pain, do not fear it. Stop hiding from our pain.
SOUL – Don’t abandon yourself, start living for you. Not your title of parent, colleague, friend. You do have the time, use it for your self improvement. Love who you are, love what you have, love where you’re going.

Your Dog


Give your four legged friend the best experience you can whilst you can’t be there.
Organise an outing, choose a park, a beach, an activity for your dog to do during the day.
Can’t get home in time, working late, book a feed.

Your Helper 

Helping everyone to get organised

Working too much, too long, too much stress, always helping others and not yourself?
– Organise or cull all areas of the home,, garage/pantry/wardrobe
– Maintain, garden maintenance, Karcher the driveway, clean the windows.
– Have a home cooked meal waiting for you in the oven when you get home from work.
– Choose your task and The Helper will get onto it for you.

Who we are

professional  training

We offer loads of variety to keep you moving, get you stronger and improve your overall well being.
Former professional athlete, to Mum, to motivating people to be proud of who they are.
A lifetime dream to help others with their health and fitness has been brought to life.


Successful years in both Australia and Italy

11 is the number

11 is the number I wore throughout most of my sporting career and brought me so many happy memories during some very successful years captaining Victoria to National Titles.


Shelley is awesome – she is deeply committed to incremental improvement and the pursuit of ambitions and aspirations!


I couldn’t have asked for a good and yet professional trainer. Shelley makes every session interesting whilst building the intensity required for me to achieve the results…